The area of ​​Prodromos is purely rural, with many orchards, streams and abundant agriculture and livestock production, mainly cattle. At the entrance of the village is the church of Saint Spyridon. The houses of the village form an almost organic shape. The courtyards of the houses are whitewashed, full of flowers, and there are traditional cafes with home-made delicacies. Cafrs are prevented from entering the village by the imposing arch with the bell tower at its entrance. You can swim at the nearby beaches of Molos, Kalogeros and Tsoukalia



One good reason for visiting Prodromos, is that you can take the Byzantine path there, a unique marble footpath over 1,000 years old and which runs 3,5 km parallel to the modern road. Dotted with olive groves, dry stone walls and a variety of seasonal wild plants and herbs, including bee orchids and calla lilies, and wild asparagus, it starts from the bottom of the village of Lefkes, and runs all the way to Prodromos.



The festival of Agios Giannis Prodromos, on June 23, is one of the most important festivals in the Parian Festival calendar.