Paroikia is the capital and main port of Paros. At the height of the summer Ferries appear to be coming and going every half an hour. Excavations have revealed that Paroikia has been inhabited since the very earliest times. The Kastro, for example, was an ancient Acropolis, then a Frankish Castle, now the basis for a Church, surrounded by cafes, bars and restaurants. The back streets of Paroikia curl and curve in a sinewy, charming manner, accommodating ice cream parlours, barber shops, opticians, bars and indoor and outdoor eateries, plus the inevitable whitewashed chapel, blue roofs and sunbathing cats. Statues of fighters of the wars against the Turks, sit cheek-by-jowl with mobile phone shops and Souvlaki vendors. At one end of town the beach turns a sharp corner around the bay by the sailing club, with charming walks that will take you to Agios Fokas, eventually: at the other, you reach a tiny fishing harbour and the road snakes up past a windmill to yet another charming church. Explore, rock back, chill: your visit is only just beginning.



Paroikia, the capital of the island, has the richest abundance of sights worth seeing on the island, due to its long history and continuous development. Only a stone’s throw from the port is The Church of the Hundred Doors. This is the most beautiful Christian church in the Cyclades and the jewel of Paroikia. It is a but a short walk through the charming lanes of Paroikia to reach the Frankish Castle which is close to yet further chapels, one of which is Agios Konstantinos. Last but not least, don’t miss the Ancient Cemetery of Parikia, which includes ancient tombs and the Asclepieio, located near to the ring road: these are the ruins of a temple dedicated to the god of medicine, Asclepius.



The main event during the summer is the celebration of the Assumption of the Virgin on the 15th of August, which is accompanied by an uplifting feast with music and traditional dances on the coastal road of Paroikia and which reaches its peak with an impressive firework display which lights up the entire bay.