Aliki is a charming bay with long sandy beaches, salt-water trees offering periodic shade, a fleet of fishing boats and a small harbour. Its peaceful atmosphere has made it popular for family holidays and many people have bought houses and settled here. There is a children’s playground, tennis courts and other sport facilities. The locals are famed for their friendliness and easy-going nature. There is a range of local restaurants and cafe/bars and shops. Regular buses to and from the rest of the island make it an ideal place from which to explore the rest of the island. Nearby Farrangas has a quieter beach for those who prefer something more ‘off-piste’



Worth seeing Aliki in order to fruth aquaint yourself with the history of Paros and the Aegean and its traditions, is a visit to the Museum of Cycladic Folklore by Benetos Skiadas ‘Scorpios’. The museum houses works by the self-taught folk artist Benetos Skiadas, who has a great skill in the construction of miniatures. This award-winning creator has produced stunning small sculptures, most important of which are ships of all historical periods. Outside the museum, some wonderful statues of various Cycladic buildings, such as Panagia of Tinos, are also exhibited in miniatur



Whatever time of year you visit this enchanting fishing-village, it is almost certain that you will want to return soon, You will probably be there for at least one of the three festivals of Aliki : St. John Klidona in June, Celebration of our Saviour in August or the Festival of the Cross on the 14th of September.